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Unfinished Business 'Does' Tours

"So after 5 years of travelling through Europe and having the pleasure of seeing the beauty of various countries off road I have now decided to see if there is an interest in offering the same facility and life changing experiences to others, hence Unfinished Business "does" tours has been created.

After the unfinished business overlanding team was started we had many people wishing they had could do something similar but either time or financial issues stopped them.

The beauty of the high Pyrenees takes your breath away with or without snow, the tracks, vistas and waterfalls are a beautiful sight and having the opportunity to see landscapes that very few others have seen is a privilege for me every time I turn a corner on the off road tracks.

If your interested in joining me I will be running 3 tours this year in August and September, these are small intimate groups of a maximum of 4 vehicle which need to be off road capable. Your standard 4x4 will be fine.

Again any concerns we can help with advice and recommendation what to, and more importantly what not to have."

- Chris Pretty, Tour Guide & Organiser

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